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Kiteboard Vs Catamaran: Kai Lenny Challenges Oracle Team USA



When you challenge the America’s Cup champions to a test of speed, you better hope the wind is on your side.

Pro kitesurfer, Kai Lenny, believed the wind wouldn’t let him down when he challenged Oracle Team USA and their catamaran to a race, even when they showed up in their 72-foot AC72 catamaran. It was Lenny’s $1,500 kiteboard against the Amercia’s Cup champions’ $15 million sailing yacht. Lenny put up a good fight, bursting out of the gate and hitting 23 mph on the water. This caught Oracle Team USA off guard, but they eventually found their rhythm and hit speeds of 30 mph on the catamaran before speeding by Lenny’s kiteboard and taking the win.

“He got a really good start, so we just put the hammer down,” said Jimmy Spithill, skipper of Team Oracle USA. If the America’s Cup champions hope to defend their title on Sep. 7 in San Francisco, they better be ready to drop the hammer even quicker.

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