The Adrenalist

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Logan Imlach Shreds Infamous Abandoned Building On Skis



The Buckner Building was once the largest building in Alaska. Bending around a narrow bay in the southwest of backcountry heaven, this crumbling construction used to house thousands of oil workers and fishermen. Alaska was a promised land. Then the quake of ’64 came. It registered a 9.2 on the Richter Scale.

The building has been abandoned ever since; at least, officially. Tourists stroll through snapping pics, local teens spray paint obscenities on the walls, and runaways spend the night. Finally, however, an Adrenalist decided to ride some skis through this harbor of villainy and delinquency.

Watch Logan Imlach swoosh through the abandoned Buckner Building. Imlach’s waxed skies push him through the snow-stomped shadowy catacombs. Director Matt Wild keeps the joyride going, call it creative license. This video captures the essence of unbound. Nothing is off limits, not even the homes of our past.

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