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Metro Train Surfing in Moscow



Winter in Russia is cold.

These days, the month of January in Moscow isn’t as cold as it was 50 years ago, but in the winter of 2005 and 2006, Moscow temperatures dropped to -30 degress Celesius (-20 Fehrenheit) in the winter months. That, however, is the least concerning characteristic of what these gentleman are executing in the video above.

First it was skywalking over Russia, but now you can witness a couple of Russian Adrenalists in Moscow go train surfing as they wave and laugh at the crowds along the stations they pass through. They just hopped atop a regular commuter train and hung out with a video camera.

They did, however, encounter obstacles besides the freezing temperatures and even colder wind on top. Since it’s more than eight minutes long, here are the highlights:

At 3:26 and 3:43, both the director and the subject have to lie supine on the top of the train or else they would get struck by the overpasses speeding by just a foot above their prone bodies.

Around the 4:40 mark, both of the guys start standing up as the train is cruising along at full speed.

At the 5:00, one of the men stands up as they’re churning through a station, but also trails his hand over the top of the roof still blanketed in snow.

At 6:44 the men are no longer on the top of the train; they’re hanging off the back as the train enters the Moscow tunnel. This was probably where they got on the roof originally. Eventually, while still hanging on to the tail of the train, they enter the subway tunnel and its total darkness; except, they came prepared: they’re wearing mining helmets to light the tunnel walls and the blur of the passing tracks.

As you come to the end of the more than eight minute series of escapades on their unusual commute, they begin to accelerate towards another darkened passage as the video slows slightly.

They two parties exhibited some pretty reckless behavior and we certainly don’t encourage anyone to mimic this stunt. We have to admire their daring, though. When they decided they’d had enough, they both climbed from the back of the train around to the front, stepped on to the platform and nonchalantly strolled into the train with the other passengers. Just another winter day surfing the Moscow metro.

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