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Mike Schultz Builds Himself A New Leg: “The Moto Knee”



Mike Schultz isn’t just a medal-winning snowmobile and motorbike athlete. He’s a craftsman, a machinist, an inventor and an entrepreneur; most impressive of all, he’s an inspiration. After suffering a severe snowmobiling injury that cost him his left leg below the knee, Schultz not only continued to compete and win, but he also built himself a new prosthetic limb fashioned entirely from Fox mountain-biking parts strong enough to withstand the stresses of extreme sports. The impressively designed appendage dubbed “The Moto Knee” has enabled Schultz to win medals at numerous extreme sports events in adaptive moto racing and adaptive snocross.

Schultz’s story would be impressive enough if it ended here, but there’s more. Inspired by his own adaptive success bred from prosthetic innovation, Schultz founded Biodapt, a manufacturer which fabricates appendages specially designed to handle the wear and tear of the extreme lifestyle. Retired US Army sergeant Keith Deutsch, who lost his leg in Iraq, has excelled in competitive adaptive snowboarding thanks to Schultz’s entrepreneurial pursuits.

Never has there been a man more worthy of the Adrenalist moniker than Mike Schultz. His indefatigable drive to thrive in the face of adversity is worthy of our respect and celebration.

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