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Mongolia Sunrise To Sunset



We understand if the idea of racing for miles on endless stretches of pavement makes you shudder, but how does a marathon along a pristine mountain lake in the land of Genghis Khan, nomad tribes and sprawling wilderness sound?

Scheduled for August 1, the scenic Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset 100 km ultramarathon invites the world’s toughest athletes to test their limits amid the mountains of picturesque Lake Hovsgol National Park, which features one of the world’s clearest lakes, Lake Hovsgol, aka “Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia.”

Lake Hovsgol National Park lies on Mongolia’s northern border, beside Russian Siberia. The open space, mild, dry climate and soft ground make the area just right for running. Race capacity is limited to 100 entrants. If you aren’t feeling up to the main 100km race, you can always enter the short and sweet 42km event. Or why not do both?

Furthermore, the proceeds from this one-of-a-kind adventure go to support environmental preservation projects throughout Mongolia.

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