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Mt. Bachelor – Watch Killer Snowboarding Moves



Any dedicated snowboarder knows the excitement that comes with hearing the phrase “fresh snow” – it’s about potential. Fresh snow is all potential, and when you have 10 ft. of it, you can turn that potential into real snowboarding very quickly. Here on Mt. Bachelor, we have an instance of some talented individuals doing exactly that, and you can see, in vivid and crisp detail, the snow being churned up by their boards and making way for them when they land off large jumps. The only thing more impressive than a front flip of a 20-foot ramp is a front flip when you’re only four feet off the ground. Of course, that 10 ft. of snow makes both of those numbers sound even better.

This group of snowboarders wasted no time jumping on Mt. Bachelor and shredding the fresh powder. When it comes to Adrenalists, the more feet of snow the better. 10 ft. of snow is all we need to hear to pick up our gear and go.

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