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“Outlines” details Espen Fadnes’ start as a wingsuit pilot



Taking to the skies in a wingsuit is as close to flying as humans will ever get – an experience so exhilarating that some people dedicate their lives to it.

Espen Fadnes is a professional wingsuit pilot. Hundreds of times a year, he steps up to a drop and gives himself completely to gravity. As a professional wingsuiter, it’s his one and only job. In the new short film about his transition to full-time wingsuit pilot, “OUTLINES,” he details just how it all began.

Years ago, Fadnes found himself working for the Norwegian Military Geographic Service. In his spare time, he found himself base jumping more and more. Then, one day, he strapped on a wingsuit, and it all became clear. “I decided to change my life and live the life of a base jumper,” Fadnes says. Wingsuiting is a huge part of Fadnes’ life now. In 2011, Fadnes hit 155 mph on a proximity flight in Norway. It was one of the fastest speeds ever achieved in a wingsuit over land. Additionally, this past year, he earned sixth place at the World Wingsuit League China Grand Prix.

“I think we’re seeing the outlines of a ‘real sport’ in development,” Fadnes says. Wingsuiting is much more than a sport to Adrenalists like Fadnes – it’s a way of life.

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