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Parasledding: Snowmobiling With A Parachute



Winter can be tough, but not so much when you have a snowmobile. The engine-propelled machines are perfect when the weather gets chilly because more snow just equals more road. We’re big fans of snowmobiles, but after seeing this video, we’re even bigger fans of those that come with a parachute attached.

Parasledding is a combination of paragliding and snowmobiling — a pretty insane way to get your blood pumping. Because snowmobiles travel fast (some can reach up to 200 mph) they’re ideal candidates for wind drag. One enterprising British Columbia daredevil, Eric Oddy, is the mastermind behind the epic new sport of parasledding. As you can see above, Oddy’s friend captured him reaching some incredible air while trying the new combination.

If you are a snowmobile rider looking to add even more adrenaline to your ride, you should have no trouble now, thanks to the possibilities of parasledding. However, make sure you’re taking all the safety precautions you usually take while exercising your extreme sports passions. Be careful out there, Adrenalists.

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