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People Are Awesome 2013: Amazing Sports Compilation



There are a lot of sports moments floating around the Internet, but they’re often just boring reminders that you’re as far from athletic brilliance and the professional stage as you thought you were. Few of these sports moments have been combined into a video like People Are Awesome 2013. This video, the third in the “People Are Awesome” series, will inspire your drive to do more, and make you realize that we’re all capable of awesome moments. This video highlights a diverse a group of professional and amateur athletes performing incredible, almost inhuman feats. This year’s installment has a range of sports that runs from amateur basketball to professional football; from skateboarding to mountain biking to tubing to dodgeball to Parkour and everything in-between.

People Are Awesome 2013 is almost impossible to watch just once. If you’re not looking for something to jump, climb or vault over next to your desk after watching this video, then you might need to watch again.

Whether you’re skateboarding a ramp while on crutches, catching an errant fly ball during an on-field interview, flipping your wheelchair off a ramp or flipping off the handlebars at the local playground, we all have the opportunity to push ourselves for a spot in next year’s iteration of this video because it celebrates awesomeness; and we’ve all got a little awesome in us.

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