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Perfect Surfing Waves off Africa’s Skeleton Bay



Discovered by the surf community only a few short years ago, Skeleton Bay is already a legend for its perfect waves. Possibly the “longest” wave in Africa, this left hand break rumbles over soft sand and topples blissfully for interminable minutes and extra long miles.

Located off the coast of Namibia, Skeleton Bay is remarkably remote. Prospective surfers must wade through hippo swamps to get there. Once you’re there, watch out for fins. Not just shark fins, but also the fins of false killer whales, which patrol the area sniffing seal fear and the splashes of other hapless sea life. If you make it to Skeleton Bay, you’re safer above the water than paddling in it. Luckily, this wave allows you to do a lot of surfing. Pro surfer Cory Lopez experienced that first-hand on the first Skeleton Bay wave he rode in 2008. It goes on and on and on. In the bodyboarding video above, shot in crisp HD from the tail of Ewan Donnachie’s bodyboard, another perfect wave is found at Skeleton Bay. This video is just one clip featured in the bodyboard full-length feature “Roam Free.”

Enjoy it while you can. One day soon this legendary wave might be nothing more than a legend. The coastline is shifting at Skeleton Bay. Every year, the beach reaches almost 33 feet further into the sea. Pretty soon, these perfect waves will be just a memory. If we’re lucky, just as soon another legendary wave will sprout up somewhere else on earth.

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