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The Coldest Swim You’ll Ever Take



The cold can do terrible things to the human body. Ask any adventurer who has lost a toe to frostbite, or worse, a friend to hypothermia. Man is not meant for temperatures in the teens, at least not most men.

Wim Hof is the exception. The Dutch adventurer, nicknamed “Iceman,” claims he can regulate his core temperature with his mind. His super-human feats of badassery seem to corroborate this claim.

In 2007, Hof came close to climbing Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts (a foot injury stopped him before he could get to the top). In 2009, he stripped down to just shorts and climbed Kilimanjaro. Later that year, he ran a marathon in Arctic Finland wearing, you guessed it, nothing but shorts. And last year, he spent 1 hour and 44 minutes buried up to his chin in ice cubes. It’s unclear what he wore under the ice.

What’s clear is that Hof is no typical adventurer. Now, he’s appearing in a humorous ad campaign for an atypical line of adventure gear: electrically-heated outerwear. Check above for one of several ads for Columbia’s Omni-Heat Electric jackets, pants and boots.

We can’t all warm ourselves with our minds. This winter we don’t have to.

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