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Pogo Stick Backflip World Record Smashed



When most of us think of the pogo stick, we don’t think of extreme sports. Dmitry Arsenyev, a member of the Xpogo movement, however, see’s an opportunity to break records.

A pogo stick is a simple, single-spring cylinder with two footrests, but some people aren’t capable of balancing their disparate equilibrium on the head of that spring. The level of body control, stamina and athleticism needed increases exponentially when you’re talking about performing tricks on a pogo stick. The Xpogo movement is something we’ve had our eyes on for some time now.

Dmitry Arsenyev just set the new world record for most consecutive pogo stick backflips. He performed a backflip 15 straight times. It’s now an Xpogo record, surpassing the previous mark of 11-straight pogo backflips, set by Fred Gryzbowski only a couple years ago. Gryzbowski is all over the pogo world record books, but after young Dmitry’s casual 15-straight, that’s one more record gone to a younger generation.

Don’t be surprised if Adrenalists like Dmitry continue to evolve the official and unofficial pogo record books. Xpogo is itself young, and the pogo records will reflect that change over time. Dmitry’s backflip record set earlier this month was just one of the first. Enjoy it but remember that we’ll see many more in the not-too-distant future.

Pogopalooza hits NYC at the end of July, so brush up on your pogo skills before then.

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