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Project 365 With Andy Lewis: New Extreme Stunt For 365 Days Straight



365 days. 365 missions.

That’s what Andy Lewis and his partner, Scott Rogers, are attempting in 2013 with their extreme endeavor, Project 365. Every single day, they will attempt a new BASE jump, slackline (highline) or climb. That’s 365 extreme adventures in one year, and a whole lot of adrenaline being released.

Andy Lewis is a world champion slackliner and jumper who will team up with Rogers on the journey. At the end of the year, the duo plans to compile Project 365 into what promises to be a stunning compilation.

Watch the teaser trailer above from SkySight Aerial Imaging (in conjunction with Slackline Media and Monkey Den Media), filmed from Andy and Scott’s recent 4-day trip to Moab, Utah, climbing, slacklining and ultimately BASE jumping to their heart’s content. It was an opportunity for SkySight to test their capabilities setting up, rigging and filming all of Lewis and Roger’s exploits in a relatively short amount of time. If they can pull off their goal of averaging one extreme stunt for each day of the year, they’ll be the envy of their adrenaline junkie coterie, and we’ll get to soak up all their daredevil exploits on video. We can’t think of a better idea, and we wish them luck and safety in their quest to do more each and every day.

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