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Raphael Dumont wingsuits into water without parachute



Wingsuit pilot Raphael Dumont has achieved the unachievable – splashing down into a body of water without the aid of a parachute.

Such a stunt has never been achieved before, and many still think it’s impossible. Wingsuiting without a parachute isn’t completely farfetched, as Gary Connery demonstrated when he landed in a long trail of boxes back in May of this year. Still, the wingsuit community continues to argue the authenticity of the footage and jump.

Whether or not the footage is real, the idea of landing, jumping and flying without a parachute is on the minds of wingsuit pilots now more than ever. Dumont’s stunt is an extraordinary achievement, if real. If not, it may be enough to inspire other wingsuit pilots around the world to find a real way to fly without a parachute.

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