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Insane Riverboarding On The Dangerous Green River Narrows



Riverboarding is all about going down the most notorious rapids face first on little more than a simple floatation device, but that didn’t stop Josh Galt from taking on North Carolina’s Green River Narrows.

A twisting gauntlet of rocks and rapids in North Carolina, the Green River Narrows is one of America’s most iconic stretches of whitewater. Kayakers gather here every November to compete in the Green River Narrows Race, a cannonball run down the the notorious 2.9 mile stretch of river, which is fed by steady a release from the upstream Tuxedo Power station. Knowing all this, you might find it strange that Josh Galt chose to ride the Green River Narrows face first.

Galt rides a riverboard, also called a hydrospeed, a flotation device used in the semi-insane sport invented by raft guides in the 70s. The inventors probably didn’t ride rapids like the mighty Green River Narrows, however, which is host to a trio of notorious rapids that include “Gorilla,” an 18-foot drop that’s one of the most daunting ride-able rapid on the entire East Coast, and ”Go Left and Die,” a gurgling death drain that pretty much speaks for itself.

Check out the video above to see Galt’s riverboarding in action.

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