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Red Bull Dolomitenmann course record shattered at 2013 event



The Red Bull Dolomitenmann is called the toughest team race in the world, and as 121 teams of four battle brutal climbs, raging rapids and incalculable winds, it’s not hard to see why.

The Dolomitenmann pits four-man teams against each other across the skies, waves and dirt of the Dolomite Mountains in Austria. Held every year since 1988, with more than 100 teams participating, each team is made of a runner, a paraglider, a kayaker and a mountain biker. The teammates race across the Dolomites, trading off between activities, with only one team arriving triumphant at the main square in Lienz.

This year, team Kleine Zeitung took home the gold. Led by mountain runner Petro Mamu from Eritrea, who ran 12km and 2000 meters of altitude in an astonishing one hour and twenty minutes, the team had nearly a five-minute head start when Jakob Hermann took to the air on his paraglider. Team Kleine Zeitung never looked back, beating the second place team, Kolland Topsport, by nearly four minutes, and setting a new Dolomitenmann record at three hours and fifty-two minutes.

Kia Motors CZE was the first amateur team to finish, completing the race in four hours and fourteen minutes, about 22-minutes longer than Team Kleine Zeitung.

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