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Ride Clash’s Latest Kiteboarding Video Stuns



Ride Clash will change the way you view the sport of kiteboarding.

The kiteboarding company was founded by seasoned kiteboarders Alvaro Onieva, Forest Bakker and Petr Tyushkevich. The company’s ideals are simple: kiteboard for the pure love for the sport and build top-notch quality products for their fellow riders. A company made by riders, for the riders. This love for the sport is palpable in the company’s recently released kiteboarding video, “Stars Shine Together,” a breathtaking ode to kiteboarding. The Ride Clash team doubles as a cinematic force, with Onieva producing the film and Bakker as the director.

There’s an equal effort in portraying the surrounding environment, the water, the animals, the people, as it does the sport itself. This contributes to the theme that kiteboarding is larger than just an extreme sport.

Soon after the thought-provoking opening, an array of kiteboarders catch serious air and perform jaw-dropping tricks. The film alternates riders, showing a small portrayal of the kiteboarding community and the camaraderie that comes with it. There are spins and twirls, huge air jumps and spectacular falls. The beauty of the sport and the incredible strength and talent the riders possess is exciting to watch.

The film is artistic at its core, and the beauty of the sport is seen throughout the kiteboarding video. The imagery, music, moves and talent all come together in this truly amazing film. We dare you to leave uninspired.

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