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Rollerblading As Art



Rollerblading is often thought of as the less-cool stepbrother to more popular extreme sports like skateboarding. Then again, pretty much all other extreme sports are the less-cool stepbrother of skateboarding; but rollerblading especially gets a bad rap. It isn’t clear why this is.  Maybe it’s because people think it is ridiculously easy to rollerblade, when in fact it is incredibly hard to do well and makes for embarrassing moments in front of one’s friends?

Either way, this video shows that any disrespect rollerblading receives is entirely undeserved. When done at a high level, rollerblading is almost like an intense form of dancing, with the guys spinning and pirouetting around as they vault off ramps and grind down railings. With the blades attached to the feet, there’s more flexibility for maneuvering than there is in skateboarding or biking, and so the way that rollerbladers use their bodies can often be way more impressive.

Move over, skateboarding.

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