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Salomon Freeski Goes Night Skiing



Wax your skis and turn off the sun. Crushing powder is more satisfying at night. Kicker landings come out of nowhere. Trees spring from the shadows. Flying snow glows in the moonlight.

A lot of skiers are afraid of the dark, but the Salomon Freeski team fully embraces it. In “Quarter Past Midnight,” these athletes of the night don headlamps to light their way through a dark and dangerous mountain situation. Carving, jumping, flipping, winding through trees – all in the pitch black – is adrenaline-fueled daredevilism at its finest. Those of us watching from the warm comfort of home can just look on in awe.

The headlamps are just the beginning. Wait until the glow tubes come out. That’s when it gets even more gnarly. The creative editing work and artistic vision behind this video is as impressive as the skiing itself.

Note: We don’t recommend you try this after hours at your local ski resort.

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