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Sam Light Launches Kitesurf Slingshot Series



Have you ever dreamed of flying? Sam Light has, and it looks like he got pretty close in his latest kitesurfing videos: the Slingshot Series.

In the video, produced by his new sponsors, the kiteboarding company Slingshot, you can see the 23-year-old Brit freestyle kiteboarding off the coast of South Africa, launching from one wave, then hanging in midair, propelled by his kite, as he executes impressive tricks.

Kiteboarding is the sport of flying along the waves pulled by a massive kite that looks a lot like a parachute. It’s a pretty young sport, and the materials to construct these kinds of kites were only developed recently. It wasn’t until the 90s that it took off. Kiteboarding combines the best aspects of wakeboarding, with the jumps of snowboarding, and of course a giant kite that can shoot you through the air. The result is about as close to launching into flight as a human being can get. Just watch these videos and see for yourself.

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