The Adrenalist

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Science Junkies Explain Extreme Sports



Combining their love of science with their passion for thrill-seeking adventures, the Science Junkies, Huw James and Greg Foot, run a series of live shows that will blow you away and educate. They’re actual scientists too, James studied at Cambridge University and Imperial College, and Foot at Glamorgan College. In addition to their affinity for science, James and Foot are also Adrenalists of the highest order.

James enjoys wakeboarding, surfing, slacklining and any adventure race he can find. Foot is more for rock climbing, surfing and cycling. All told, their extracurricular pursuits match up pretty evenly with the Adrenalist, but it’s what they do as a tandem that make them the Science Junkies.

The Science Junkies held a performance as part of a science festival that was held from Oct. 27 through Nov. 4 at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, England. It was part exhibition and part discovery, but it was all grounded in basic scientific principles shared with the audience. Except, the actual performance featured incredible biking tricks and a nice back-flip off a raised platform.

The last trick featured in the video above involves a brave volunteer who acts as a human obstacle. The professional biker jumps, straddles, flips and lands as close as possible without hitting the poor spectator. Check it out, and remember science can actually be this cool, but you should probably let the professionals perform the stunts.

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