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Seb Toots Snowboards Legendary Mount Royal In Montreal



For avid skiers and snowboarders, there is nothing quite like a blanket of fresh powder to kick off the New Year. So when Montreal was hit with a record-setting 1.5 feet of snow over the first weekend of 2013, snowboarder Seb Toots decided to take advantage. Instead of heading out to one of many ski slopes or regular trails, however, Toots decided to board down Mount Royal, which overlooks the center of the city.

Produced by Sunset Films and lead editor, Mathieu Cowan, the short film documenting Toots’ ride starts with gorgeous overhead shots of a frost-bitten Montreal with snakes of ice lapping the edges of the St. Lawrence River. Then, you see a lone figure, Toots, walking in thigh-high snow to the edge of the park at its peak, with a wonderful vista of the city. He snaps into his board and barrels off the rail. From there, we get to watch Seb spring from drop-offs, barrel down stairs, grind long rails and follow a narrow path through the woods. There are some eerie and fantastic shots of him jumping and spraying snow through a graveyard before finally blasting through the air for a full on helicopter, complete with hands up after his landing to warn onlookers to be careful of his speed. Cowan intercuts shots of Seb’s incredible skills with squirrels and other furry rodents that are less impressed with Seb’s skills, but no less curious.

Toots reaches the nadir of his voyage after a crossing a street, naturally still on his board, confusing nearby pedestrians as he whooshes down a lean line of grass next to parked automobiles.

Toots and Cowan filmed this whole thing in just two days after the big storm. You’d be remiss if you didn’t check it out.

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