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Slackline Team Highlines Across Tallest Waterfall in the World



Whatever you’re up to, Bernhard Witz, Helmar Fasold, and Fabian Rupprecht will probably make it look pretty tame. The crew is set to release a film documenting their remarkable, record-breaking highline across the highest waterfall in the world.

In April, the three embarked upon a 16-day expedition in remote Venezuela, during which they bushwhacked through snake-infested jungles (they received no helicopter support) and tried to survive while stringing up and walking across a pair of dizzyingly spectacular highlines.

They named the first slackline “Shangri-La.” It spanned 125 feet above an 262-foot chasm near otherworldly Auyan Tepuy Table Mountain. That was just a warm-up.

Next came Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, standing at 3,212 feet. They drilled into its slippery igneous face, strung up the 25 meter long “Lost World Highline,” and made history. Nobody had ever highlined the falls before.

Check out the teaser above (it’s a quick and dazzling watch), but keep an eye out for the full-length “Venezuela Salto Angel Highline” documentary when it premieres on Swiss TV channel SRF2 August 20 and hits the adventure film circuit thereafter.

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