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Snow Kayaking Videos: Snowyaking On The Rise



There are a lot of sports we cover here, but we always treasure Adrenalists who push the limits by innovating with completely new variations.

Miles Daisher, a BASE jumper and wingsuit athlete, decided to embark on a new challenge when he took a kayak on to Pebble Creek, Idaho, a ski resort that is not to be confused with the famous California golf course. KPVI reported, saying Miles might make Pebble Creek his home-base for training. Miles plans to lobby for the inclusion of “Snowyaking” in the next world’s games. The first step for him is building popularity among Adrenalists at Pebble Creek.

They won’t be the first ones to take on snowyaking though. Paul Palmer, a professional kayaker, also took to snow kayaking as part of his training program in the harsh Colorado winter in the snow kayaking video. Additionally, the people of Estonia even have their own race now, sponsored by Red Bull.

At some point in the future, snow kayaking down a mountain won’t be news anymore, but the norm. At least, that’s what we hope.

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