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Horse-Boarding is England’s Newest Extreme Sport



Sure, horse-boarding was probably inevitable. But so too was the sandwich and teacup pigs, and both are eminently bloggable, regardless. Horse-boarding is no different. The alternative equestrian sport, popularized in the rural hamlet of Wolverhampton, England and regulated by The Extreme Horse Riding Association (EHRA) involves animals – a blog staple – and it is arguably “extreme.” Today, horse-boarders storm across some of the same earth into which the bones of enemies of the king were trampled during medieval times. OK, as you see in the video above, it’s more of a trot and cruise than a “storm,” but imagine the possibilities: Teams of horse-boarders careening around London’s tight corners, Moab horse-boarders hurdling boulders in Utah’s high desert, Horse-boarders surfing waves while an equestrian trick-rides on top of the very engine that pulls them… Oh, the EHRA beat us to the punch on that one.


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