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Team O’Neill doesn’t need a mountain to #ridemore



Team O’Neill’s #ridemore campaign is encouraging snowboarders and skiers to share their inspirations for hitting the powder, and more and more O’Neill is discovering that mountain or not, riders will find a way to get their adrenaline fix.

It’s already winter in Montreal, where a band of Adrenalists decided to hit the backside rodeos where no riders dare to ride. The first icicles are already forming across French Canada and in other Northern Hemisphere locales – which means icy railings, snowy jumps and makeshift mountains.

The question, “who needs a mountain,” was asked in support of O’Neill’s #ridemore campaign – an initiative that urges riders everywhere to share pictures of their inspirations. O’Neill has published the best photos from the campaign so far on the #ridemore Tumblr page.

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