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Tough Mudder Seattle Pics



The British Special Forces-designed obstacle course, Tough Mudder, is no joke. Whether it’s your first or your hundredth time tackling Tough Mudder, one basic fact remains: you are a badass. You’re trudging through mud, sloshing through freezing-cold water and slithering underneath electro-shock wire. By the time you reach the end, you’re a bonafide champion of the extreme. There’s little you feel like you can’t do, and you’re not far off.

If you didn’t have the chance to dive into Tough Mudder Seattle this past weekend, we have you covered. TheAdrenalist was on site with none other than Bear Grylls himself to secure pictures of the toughest participants from beginning to middle to end. Check out what you were missing below. Maybe next time, we’ll be snapping pictures of you dominating the legendary course.

Visit to take a look at upcoming events closest to you. Photo credit: Nate Watters.

  • 1. Motivation From Bear Grylls

    Bear Grylls - Tough Mudder

  • 2. Teamwork In Motion

    Teamwork - Tough Mudder

  • 3. Wet Behind The Ears

    Wet Behind The Ears - Tough Mudder

  • 4. The Funky Monkey

    Funky Monkey - Tough Mudder

  • 5. Up and Over

    Up and Over - Tough Mudder

  • 6. No Quit In Here

    No Quit In Here - Tough Mudder

  • 7. Celebratory Mudders

    Celebratory - Tough Mudder

  • 8. A Shockingly Good Time

    A Shockingly Good Time - Tough Mudder

  • 9. The Home Stretch

    The Home Stretch - Tough Mudder

  • 10. Blood, Sweat and Mud

    Blood, Sweat and Mud - Tough Mudder

  • 11. On The Edge

    On The Edge - Tough Mudder

  • 12. Trudging Through

    Trudging Through - Tough Mudder

  • 13. Helping Hands

    Helping Hands - Tough Mudder

  • 14. Single File

    Single File - Tough Mudder

  • 15. Leap Of Faith

    Leap of Faith - Tough Mudder

  • 16. Double Jump

    Double Jump - Tough Mudder

  • 17. Everest

    Everest - Tough Mudder

  • 18. No Mud, No Service

    No Mud, No Service - Tough Mudder

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