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Triple Cork 1620 And More: Near-Impossible Tricks Landed For First Time



Last month, a group of Adrenalists up in Northstar, California attempted a multitude of first-time snowboarding tricks and combinations that are virtually super-human. First-ever tricks are harder to come by nowadays, so we should salute them when they’re even attempted. This group of Adrenalists, however, not only attempted these spectacular first-time jumps, they actually landed them.

First, Emil Andre Ulsletten stomped the first ever Switch Backside Triple Cork 1440. Then, Torgeir Bergrem landed the first ever triple cork 1620, seen above. The triple cork 1620 seemed like a fantasy film come to life. Though Gergrem isn’t 13-year-old Marcus Kleveland, it’s still pretty incredible to watch the four and a half rotations of the triple-cork 1620.

Then, in the same week as his fellow Norwegian daredevils, Brage Richenberg landed the first ever snowboard double backflip off the knuckle of a jump. The knuckle is the part of the landing where the flat part meets the sloped landing area. Instead of going over the traditional jump, Brage boarded past the jump and hit the knuckle decline fast enough to back-flip twice before stomping the landing and sending the onlookers into a frenzy.

The Adrenalist honors these extreme snowboarders because these tricks have never been done before, and because tricks like these are always better when they’re firsts. There’s no telling what they’ll do next.

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