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USA’s First Extreme Sports Adrenaline Park Coming In 2013



First Exreme Sports Adrenaline ParkPhoto Credit: James Alby /

Before last month, no one associated the Henry Wurst building, located in Apex, N.C., with anything other than being a relic of commercial printing. It was extreme, but in a Industrial Revolution sort of way. On Jan. 15, however, a groundbreaking announcement from Carolina Sports Holdings (CSH) changed all of that.

The firm announced its plans to purchase the Wurst building and refashion its commanding 145,000 square foot floor plan as the nation’s first extreme sports park and adrenaline attraction, complete with the largest trampoline park in the Carolinas, indoor skydiving and indoor surfing. The park is set to debut by mid 2013. Later in the year, ropes courses, a skateboard park, bungee jumping and high-speed go-karts will be phased in to complete this Adrenalist paradise. Our only questions are: Why did this take so long to happen and when can every state in the Union expect a similar sort of arrangement? Whatever the case, we’re happy to see this finally happening.

Check out more about the project here.

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