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It’s Snowing Somewhere



Silence il neige

For many across the United States, it seems as if spring has sprung before winter ever took hold.

As of February 24, just 7.4 inches of snow had fallen in New York City’s Central Park. At this time last year, 60 inches had piled up in The Big Apple.

Likewise, Baltimore and Washington D.C. have each received less than 20 percent of their average year-to-date snowfall.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center says blame it on Arctic Oscillation, a weather pattern that has kept most of the cold trapped in the earth’s far north.

Most of it…

While nearly every US city (except for Denver) has received far less than expected snowfall this winter, Europe has suffered its worst cold snap since 1991.

In early February, 8 inches of snow fell on Rome, the most since 1986. Much of the Danube river is iced over. And thanks to huge accumulations in December and January, ski resorts in the Alps are expected to remain open into spring.

The video up top was filmed in La Clusaz, France earlier this winter. For those left out of the cold, feel free to play it over and over again.

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