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What Is Airstyle Kiteboarding?



Since the beginning of time, man has wanted to fly. We see birds and we wonder, “Why can’t we do that?” And since we decided we want to fly, we found machines and extreme sports to help us do so: planes, wingsuiting, skydiving, hang gliding, and the list goes on and on. There may not, however, be a more multi-faceted and beautiful way to fly than kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding involves lifting off from the ocean by means of a paraglide-like parachute and then, you guessed it, boarding, kind of like a wakeboarder or open-water surfer. Except, once you take flight, it becomes an exhibition of style: you stunt, turn and soar gracefully through the air. What follows is a combination of skydiving and almost a sort of dancing: you can do pretty much anything you want once you’re up there. In this video, Toby Braeuer demonstrates his version of kiteboarding, known as “Airstyle,” and highlights all of the various elements of the sport, including hangtime, sliding, variation and flying.

So if you’d like to fulfill your dream of flight, consider taking your inspiration from Braeuer. You’ll look pretty awesome in the process.

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