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What Is The Accra Marathon?



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The September 30th Accra Marathon is one of Ghana’s top sporting events. This year the event has “Race for Life” as its theme, a nod to the Ghanaian government’s desire to raise national life expectancy, which stands at under 65 years. Held yearly in the country’s capital, the event is expected to lure a huge turnout: over 7,000 runners. Competitors can “run, jog, walk or even do a jig,” the organizers say, and the 26.2 miles of exertion is then followed by relaxing, eating, drinking and being merry on “the pristine lawns and beachfront of the 5-star Labadi Beach Hotel.”

Doesn’t sound too daunting, does it? Plus, the country of Ghana itself is often called Africa for beginners. Maybe you should think about giving the Accra Marathon a whirl.

If you can’t join the race, you can always sponsor a participant. Proceeds go to the country’s Longevity Project, meant to boost Ghanaians’ stamina in life.

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