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What Is The Boardmaster’s Festival?



Along the beach, in the United Kingdom’s beautiful Cornwall County, resides the country’s preeminent extreme sports festival. Held annually, in the shadow of the gleaming surf along Newquay Coast, the Boardmaster’s Extreme Sports Festival combines the best in music, creativity and, our favorite, extreme sports.

Initially, Boardmasters was a boutique festival, but this year’s gathering had approximately 20,000 people show up to take in the competitions, enjoy the music and play in the surf.

The festival adds music to the awesome display of surfing, skateboarding and bicycling. The music and competition was divided, with Watergate bay hosting the music and Fistral Beach for the competitions.

The competitions themselves started off with the 6-Star Surf Series, then 3-Star longboarding and the Vans summer sessions with a BMX competition that didn’t disappoint.

Skateboarding ramps along the beach were also dotted with competitors as fans baked in the sun and tried to stay as cool as the artists and the musicians were milling about and performing.

Speaking of those musicians, Ed Sheeran and Maverick Sabre headlined, but the hypnotic beats and rhymes of the UK’s grimy, techno MC, Dizzee Rascal could also be heard emanating over the crowds as they watched the competitions.

It wasn’t just the musicians and competitors that flexed their creativity. Boardmasters is also starting to play host some artists. Around the festival’s site, signs and avant garde art installations gave onlookers even more to take in. One of the highlights was a large set of teeth almost 10 feet tall, created by the Where’s Nana art collective, which opened up to reveal a DJ booth.

The Boardmasters is a pastiche of music, extreme sports and art: basically heaven for UK Adrenalists.

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