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What is Trampo-Walling?



The extreme sports landscape is fluid. For a blossoming, and still ancillary, niche of the sporting world, there’s plenty of room for improvements and for invention. It’s a testament to Adrenalists the world over that stagnancy has never been extreme sports’ problem. That’s why new sports, like Trampo-Walling, are so interesting. They’re not even on the cusp of mainstream acceptance, like ESPN’s ubiquitous X-Games events, but they’re still practiced and tweaked by a minority that can’t wait to try something dangerous and unknown. We even covered the sport early in its creation  with our Elevating the Trampoline feature.

Trampo-walling, if it wasn’t obvious, involves a trampoline and a 5 meter wall. You use the trampoline to jump to the edge of the wall, before falling back down again and repeating the process. Various tricks are then implemented.

Oliver Lemieux is one such practitioner that began trampo-walling as far back as 2004. At the time, he was part of the infamous Canadian circus company: Cirque du Soleil. He’s got a wealth of YouTube videos showing his trampo-walling and he’s not alone. In fact, when we wrote about learning to fall at Hollywood Stunts last year, the instructors were trampo-walling to warm up.

The X-Games is mulling a decision to include trampo-walling as an event some time in the future, but for now it’s left up to the daredevils that always try the new and hazardous, which is just another way of saying: the Adrenalists. Look for trampo-walling contests in the near future.

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