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Wingsuiting The Petronas Towers



Constructed in 1998, Malaysia’s iconic Petronas Towers have played jungle gym to some of the most skilled Adrenalists on Earth.

In 1999, Felix Baumgartner stuffed a parachute into a briefcase and snuck by security guards in a very thrilling and very illegal BASE jump from a window-cleaning crane near the top of the 1,483-foot tall twin towers. Jeb Corliss has since replicated the stunt, and in 2009, Alain “Spiderman” Robert illegally and successfully free-climbed to the top of Tower Two, featured in our Best Climbs Of Alain Robert article.

Last month, a new chapter in daredevilism was written for Petronas Towers as Red Bull Air Force pilots Jon DeVore, Miles Daisher and Othar Lawrence took on the sixth tallest towers the world in a brand new way. The video above documents their feat in the world of adrenaline: a high-speed needle-threading of the towers accomplished as they skydived from an airplane and sailed on wingsuits through the span separating the two towers.

Another chapter complete. How will Adrenalists use the towers next?

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