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Wingsuit Mountain Crash



We’ve featured plenty of wingsuit footage here at The Adrenalist. It’s one of the most thrilling things a human can do and it makes for some of the most visceral video around. Up to this point, in every video our featured flyers arc through the sky and land safely on their feet.

Not this time.

In the video above, renowned flyer Jeb Corliss clips a boulder while shooting over Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The collision was so violent that his flying partner Joby Ogwyn said he heard it, even with wind rushing by his ears at more than 100 mph.

The good news? Corliss survived. The veteran jumper broke both of his legs but landed alive after deploying his emergency chute.

A close call. Maybe one that will make him think twice before he next tries to attempt something like this.

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