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World Wingsuit Race – Dan “Birdman” Vicary Enters the Fray



The World Wingsuit Race in Brazil this February will bring together more than 50 adrenaline-fueled wingsuiters from all over the world. New Zealand, a country known for it’s daring, will have just a single competitor, but Dan Vicary doesn’t plan on leaving without trying to add a first place finish to his list of accomplishments.

Vicary, known as the “Birdman,” has been chasing flight since he was a small boy. Now he’s a professional wingsuiter and BASE jumper. Once just a crazy off-shoot of BASE jumping, wingsuiting aficionados have started to organize. With the launch of the World Wingsuit League and Wingsuit World Championships this past October, wingsuiting is growing not just in popularity, but in coordinated events featuring some of the most awe-inspiring flights we’ve ever seen man attempt.

Now Vicary can add racer to his already glowing resume. He’s been flying all over the world, but this is the first competition to feature so many world class wingsuiters racing from the top of a mountain. All of them will jump, two at a time, using the most advanced aerodynamics the latest wingsuits have to offer. The fastest to the bottom wins. It sounds simple, but it’s anything but.

Vicary might be the only Kiwi in the competition, but we wouldn’t bet against him. He’s a true Adrenalist – and could be the one to win the biggest wingsuit race yet.

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