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Wounded Warrior conquers Tough Mudder’s Everest obstacle



SSG Travis Strong, a veteran of the Iraq War, has brought new meaning to the words Tough Mudder.

In the most recent Tough Mudder, SSG Strong, who lost his legs after encountering a roadside bomb while on patrol in Iraq, worked together with a team of veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project to conquer all the obstacles and finish the event. These are men to be admired, for the Wounded Warrior Project and its members aim to provide crucial aid for the needs of injured service members who have given so much for their country. Watch as SSG Strong and his team overcome the “Everest” obstacle through teamwork, grit and sheer force of will. Their unique strategy of making a human ladder for SSG Strong to climb up was just crazy enough to work.

Tough Mudder is undoubtedly one of the most grueling obstacle courses in the world. As participants make their way over the 25 or 30 obstacles scattered throughout the course, they undergo everything from being doused in icy water, covered in mud, shocked with electricity and, more than anything else, falling down. With the obstacles having such menacing names as “Arctic Enema,” “Electroshock Therapy,” and “Everest,” it’s no small wonder that many people don’t finish the event, leaving only the steeliest, toughest people to cross the finish line.

It’s easy to see why SSG Strong and his team were amongst those who finished. Donate now to the Wounded Warrior to provide support for injured servicemen.

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