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5 Best Solar Power Chargers for Adventuring



Know what solar power charges are available for you before stepping into the wilderness to DO:MORE, they just may save your life.

Come prepared with the right gear, and a good solar-powered generator means you can take care of yourself in any situation. Don’t worry about the noise, fuel or fumes of a traditional power source. This is good for the environment, your gear and your body.

Here are the best solar power chargers for you to consider for your journey backcountry.

5 Best Solar Power Chargers for Adventuring - Instapark Mars20S

Instapark Mars20S

This portable solar charger offers versatility, excellent portability and durability. The Instapark Mars20S folds up to about the size of a briefcase, and boasts impact resistance and waterproofing. It can convert an almost limitless amount of solar energy to juice available for all the technology you’ll need in the wild. In addition, the Mars20S can provide back-up power storage for later use. Armed with a lithium battery, the Mars20S sports DC outputs, including two 5-volt USB ports for cell phones and tablets and three 12-volt outputs for car electronics. Additionally, the green gadget has a 3-prong 110-volt AC socket for powering a laptop, notebook or as anything from a lamp, electric fan or television up to 150 watts. The Mars20S serves as both an indispensable tool for recreational activities, like camping and backpacking, and an emergency power kit in case of a disaster.

5 Best Solar Power Chargers for Adventuring - LinorTek OTG-15W

LinorTek OTG-15W

You can carry this solar-powered portable power supply anywhere,. The solar charger has power outputs for 120VAC, 12VDC and USB. It also boasts a handy 3-watt LED light that is bright enough to light up a campsite or room. In addition, the device has a sleep timer to automatically turn off the power and an automatic mode that switches on the power when the light goes down. The gadget is also versatile – you can use it with a range of appliances, such as your iPad, cell phone, computer and DVD player, among others If you must, you can recharge the internal 18 amp/hour batteries by plugging them into regular household power, instead of using the built-in solar panel.

5 Best Solar Power Chargers for Adventuring - Nature Power

Nature Power 40400

This rugged, rechargeable solar power kit is trumpeted as a complete portable power system. It cranks out up to 1800 watts of AC power across four outlets – neat whether you are out in the wilds or back home and bedeviled by blackouts. You can charge the Nature Power 40400 from domestic power sockets or use it on the road as an independent power source via the solar panel. Technically, what you get for your money is a 60-amp hour battery, an 1800-watt inverter with four AC receptacles, an 8-amp solar charger, a 5-amp AC charger and a transfer switch. The unit’s 40-watt solar panel boasts no less than 35 feet of cabling meant to give you the chance to find the best spot possible for it. Better still, the kit is modular, which means it can be expanded to allow as many auxiliary batteries as you need. You can set up in an hour, thanks to the generator’s plug-and-play nature. All this makes this one of the best solar power chargers money can buy.

5 Best Solar Power Chargers for Adventuring - JOOS Orange

JOOS Orange

The JOOS Orange portable solar charger keys you in to a limitless supply of solar energy. The environmentally friendly gadget charges devices up to 3.5 times faster than many other portable chargers. The charger is compatible with any USB device. Gadget freaks will love this solar generator because it seems targeted at smart appliances. The roll call of compatible gadgets includes cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, GPS units, portable game players, tablets and digital cameras. The charger is equipped with a tough and compact design perfect for DO:MORE adventurers. Naturally, the JOOS Orange is waterproof and portable for easy use in a host of conditions, including low light, shade or even light rain. “Reliable power. Anytime. Anywhere,” the tagline boasts.

5 Best Solar Power Chargers for Adventuring - PowerFilm

PowerFilm Power Pack Plus

The PowerFilm PowerPack Plus is a simpler, neater device than other products on the market. It promises to do just a handful of jobs, but do them extremely well. The PowerFilm solar panel charges the battery back which you can then use to operate the fan and LED lantern. It should appeal to campers who are daunted by the blizzard of USB slots and voltage options that other solar chargers provide. This is one of the best solar power chargers for survival situations. The solar panel charges any 12-volt application from a car or RV battery to a cell phone or GPS device. No electric power plug in required. You also get a 15-foot extension cord that proves to be extremely handy because, even in nature, things get in the way.

Know any other portable solar chargers that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below or @DegreeMen. Check out our list of best night vision goggles and binoculars for more outdoor adventure devices.

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