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Best Wilderness Survival Kits



The right survival kit could mean the difference between life and death in the isolated wilderness.

The most efficient wilderness survival kits are the all-in-one combo packages. Here are the kits that will get you into survivor mode and make you feel ready for anything. Hurricanes, wild fires, apocalypse scenarios – you name it and these kits have you covered.

Best Wilderness Survival Kits 1

Mayday Survival Pal Kit – $32.99

The aptly-named survival kit manufacturer, Mayday, has one of the most affordable kits on the market for every day adventurers. The Mayday Survival Pal Kit, slots into a durable waterproof cooler bag that comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap, tie-down cords on top and a reflector stripe. The survival kit is fine to keep in the office, in classrooms, at home, or in the car. The kit sticks to guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. Inside, you will find a wealth of useful items. Mayday addresses all survival angles: food, water, shelter, warmth, tools, hygiene and, of course, first aid. That pans out as everything from an emergency survival sleeping bag to calorie food bars to a respirator dust mask, amongst other invaluable items.

Best Wilderness Survival Kits 2

Ultimate Bug Out Kit – $109.95

The Ultimate Bug Out survival kit is packed with all the best urban survival tools and essentials in the company’s signature Camouflage Bug Out Backpack. The backpack comes with added space to house your own personal items, while the kit itself features items such as gun straps, enabling you to keep your hands free when you are on the move, and a bright orange pull-out flag, which you can use as an alert when in dire situations. Additionally, you get an array of other invaluable tools, including an orange poncho, dust mask, roll of duct tape, 50 feet of nylon rope and a 16-function Swiss army-style knife. There is also a tarp, a multi-function shovel that comes with a nail puller and many other extra accessories that make this one of the best survival kits on the market.

Best Wilderness Survival Kits 3

T.A.S.K. – $199.99

T.A.S.K. is short for Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit, suggesting it will get you ready for any apocalyptic emergency. The manufacturer, Lansky, says the tools were chosen to enable you to handle a range of tricky situations, including natural disasters and apocalypse scenarios. The T.A.S.K. is contained by a 20-liter tactical backpack designed to let you get moving in the blink of an eye. Features include organizational gear pockets, a water bottle holder and compression straps to lock down the load. The bag of tricks contains some serious hardware, including a 20-function multi-tool, easy-grip knife blade, two sharpeners and, what Lansky calls, a “multi-use battle axe.” Lansky is serious about preparing you for anything you may encounter.

Best Wilderness Survival Kits 4

High Desert Hunter – $319.95

If any survival kit can match the T.A.S.K. for sheer intensity of purpose, it is the High Desert Hunter. This kit even packs “trauma items” to treat serious wounds, just in case something intense happens during your adventure. The kit is pitched as “rugged and robust” – built for a parched setting where shelter and water are vital. This is the wilderness survival kit for the Outback, the Gobi, or any of America’s many deserts. The kit contains many life-saving tools designed to cater to the true outdoorsman. The rehydration salts and a HydraStorm in-line filter combo, for example, puts you in the position to drink filtered and purified water from almost any source. Additional accessories run the gamut from butterfly bandages to a survival saw to a “tsunami bag,” designed to make you feel protected during extreme natural disasters.

Best Wilderness Survival Kits 5

AceCamp Emergency Wilderness Kit II – $49.99

The AceCamp Emergency Wilderness Kit II nails the basics. It is 100 percent water and air tight, which makes it perfect protection from rain, sand and snow. With this affordable wilderness survival kit, you are ready for whatever wild weather nature throws at you. It’s also heavy-duty, meant to help you survive any unexpected outdoor scenario. All the gear included comes packed in an air-sealed durable pouch that slots away easily. Additionally, you get a heat-reflective emergency blanket, a duct tape patch and 10m of 4mm utility cord handy for hanging food and guying tarp. AceCamp Emergency Wilderness Kit II also contains a pocket survival wire saw, multi-tool and foldable compass with mirror. In case the mirror isn’t enough for you to start a fire with, you can deploy the kit’s patented waterproof matches stored in an aluminum waterproof matchbox. The compact kit even finds room for a sewing kit, fishing gear, a whistle and, naturally, a first-aid kit.

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