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Babolat’s Play And Connect Racket Debut



Babolat Play and Connect

Knocking a tennis ball back and forth over a net is a lot more complex and nuanced than you might think. Stance, swing power, ball speed, the angle of your racket at the point of impact and a slew of other factors all impact how the ball flies. Thanks to Babolat, novice and pro players alike now have a high-tech option for tracking and measuring their performance over a long period of time.

Babolat’s Play & Connect racket was announced earlier in 2012, but it finally made its public debut at the French Open this month. Sensors built into the Play & Connect record everything from ball spin and hit location to swing power and speed, beaming it via a Wi-Fi connection to a nearby computer loaded with proprietary software that stores, tracks and compares your data over time.

The Play & Connect isn’t available for purchase yet, but expect Babolat’s price to be comparable to other high-end rackets, at around $300.

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