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Best Night Vision Goggles and Binoculars



Who says pitch darkness has to stop you from adventuring at night?

Night vision technology that was once only accessible to the military is now available to Adrenalists everywhere. We’ve examined the field and picked out four top night vision devices that can give you owl-like vision, and let you DO:MORE even in the middle of the night.

Take a look at the best night vision goggles, binoculars and scopes on the market.

Night Owl NexGen 4x Lightweight Monocular - $195.00

Night vision goggles and glasses are the first options that many Adrenalists turn to, but simpler binoculars, monoculars and scopes can prove more adept for certain adventures. The Night Owl Optics 4-power monocular provides boosted magnification for better resolution and sharper recognition of far targets. The latest generation optical design achieves this feat without the added weight that many higher-power night vision viewers impose on adventurers.

The 4-power NM4X weighs just 1.9 ounces more than the company’s 3-power offering. The rubberized finish with integrated rubber hand-grip and machined aluminum lens body twin slick and handy design features with a tough mechanical housing. The battery life is 45 to 100 hours, depending on usage of juice-heavy infrared. The device’s built-in “columnated infrared illuminator” allows you to use it in complete darkness or to boost target recognition in any setting.

Yukon Viking 1×24 NV Goggle Kit $489.99

The Yukon Viking 1×24 night vision goggles give you astute observation ability under even the darkest nights. These night vision goggles come complete with a full headset, for an adjustable, hands-free unit. The Yukon Viking 1×24 affords sharp viewing in pitch darkness by harnessing the power of a built-in IR infrared illuminator. In action, the illuminator pumps out a pulse that is so energy-efficient it causes less battery drainage and lengthens battery life, the manufacturer says.

The ergonomic rubberized body is remarkably lightweight and can be carried on long treks without you even noticing. The Viking’s secret weapon is its revolutionary Eclipse Lens Cover System that deploys flip-up covers, can be easily clipped back against the binoculars’ body, and twisted out of the user’s viewing area. This feature is important in eradicating lens cap annoyance. Pin holes sunk in to the lens caps mean that the Viking can even be enlisted during the daytime when the caps are closed, without you having to twiddle anything. All things considered, these are some of the best night vision goggles money can buy.

Bushnell Night Watch 2×24 w/Built in Infrared Monocular - $189.99

Bushnell created the Nightwatch 2×24 with Built-In Infrared Monocular to yield images with resolution rivaling pricey generation 2 and 3 optics. Deploying a formidable infrared spotlight that gives you clear images even in total darkness, the Stealthview monocular is fine for a wide array of uses, not least security and surveillance. Other scenarios for using the night vision scope include night fishing, camping, navigation, even wildlife observation.

The infrared night vision scope works by supplying a light source for the Nightwatch system to intensify and collect through an objective lens. The gathered light is then processed through an image sensor to yield a high-quality image that is magnified two times. The monocular is designed to suit a range of terrains and boasts a built-in tripod mount and tough rubber armor around an ergonomically-shaped body for extra comfort during long use. The Nightwatch monocular gives you a whopping viewing range of up to 700 feet. All this makes the Nightwatch one of the best night vision monoculars for nocturnal adventure.

Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular (5x) - $469.99

These night vision binoculars from Night Owl offer the highest magnification abilities of all their devices. The binoculars’ aesthetics, ergonomics, and performance are recommended for those who demand the highest performance that generation-1 technology can offer. The Night Owl Pro’s central focusing wheel enables intuitive and simple focusing of both objective lenses at the same time.

Better yet, Night Owl’s patented “inter-ocular hinge” guarantees that both optical channels are always centered exactly over each eye. You may be blown away by the hundreds of yards of viewing that these night vision binoculars serve up.

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