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Best Running Shoes For Men



A runner is only as fast as the shoes on his feet allow him to be. Some of the best running shoes, however, have the ability to actually improve a runner’s speed, stability and technique.

Every year, the men’s running shoes market gets ever more colorful and complicated. These days you may wonder whether to go for light, ultra-light or the still skinnier, minimal kind. In case you are lost amid the variety, we have singled out some of the best running shoes for men on the market today. Whether you like your shoes so light that you forget you’re wearing them or you insist on iron stability, we have a model for you.

Check out our 5 best running shoes for men.

Best Running Shoes For Men - Saucony Power Grid Triumph 9

Saucony PowerGrid Triumph 9, 10.9 oz. ($130)

Saucony is one of the most respected brands in the running sphere. The company has spent years studying the biomechanics of top athletes, aiming at engineering systems that maximize your performance, letting you focus more on your stride and less on your gear. That’s why old school coaches recommend Saucony. The cool thing about the company is it contrives to have the best of both worlds. Saucony wants to produce men’s running shoes that feel light, but also offer fantastic stability. If that sounds appealing to you, look no further than the Saucony PowerGrid Triumph 9. The company positions the sneakers as extremely light and soft; think “supreme cushion comfort.” According to Men’s Health, especially if you are a shade on the heavy side, a pair of Triumph 9s will suit you fine. They are good for foot pain sufferers too, judging by reviews on the Saucony website. Two happy customers say that adopting Triumph 9s relieved podiatric agony. The sneakers grab hold and yet, fuel fluidity through a woven-in hinge.

Best Running Shoes For Men - Brooks Ravenna 4

Brooks Ravenna 4, 11 oz. ($110)

Brooks is another specialist running shoe company with an outstanding reputation. Brooks confidently promises, “the perfect ride for every stride.” One of Brooks’ latest models, the Ravenna 4, was named the Runner’s World Best Buy. “For the price, it’s awfully hard to beat this balance of features and ride,” reports Runner’s World. Brooks touts the sneaker as “a trusty workhorse” – the perfect compromise between cushioning and stability. “This season, this shoe is bringing a little more cushion, a bit more flex, and a whole lot of swagger with sleek design lines and fast colors,” Brooks says, also highlighting technical features such as improved, adjustable mid-foot capture. Running Shoes Guru finds the acid colors a bit harsh on the eyes but, like most sources, remains impressed by the content. “It is a no-nonsense shoe: nothing is added that is not needed,” the shoe expert reports.

Best Running Shoes For Men - Ascis GEL-Nimbus 15

Asics GEL-Nimbus 15, 11.5 oz. ($145)

Another one of the best running shoes for men, the Asics GEL-Nimbus 15 is trumpeted as “the industry-leading, high-end, neutral running shoe.” The company also calls it “the king of the clouds in the Asics shoe stratosphere.” The GEL-Nimbus 15 boasts technical wizardry that Asics reckons will take you to the next performance level. With its plush, cushioned ride, stable platform and tweaks for a better, upper fit, the update will wow runners ranging from the “underpronator” to the “moderate overpronator,” the company says. Translation: this sneaker should suit anyone, however they hit the road. You will get maximum comfort, courtesy of the sneaker’s FluidRide midsole structure designed to deliver a bouncy, responsive ride and the most gel-cushioning ever in the series. The sneaker is a bit on the pricey side, but Sneaker Report hails the shoe as a total upgrade – the best in the GEL-Nimbus series and one of the best men’s running shoes of 2013.

Best Running Shoes For Men - Vivobarefoot Evo III

Vivobarefoot Evo III, ($130)

Synthetic fiber technology means that most running shoes on the market now feel airy. If you want to go to the extreme and really feel the flex of the camber, consider the charms of the minimalist Vivobarefoot Evo III. The barefoot-style shoe with a hallmark hexagon design boasts a zero-drop, ultra-thin form that suggests that you could fly in them like the magic sandals worn by the mythical messenger Hermes. The Evo III is tough. Think multi-terrain, puncture-resistant outsole tough. A plus is the touted increased breathability, which is good news for anyone planning to go hard this summer. Some runners rave about the sneakers – just putting them on may infuse you with energy and make you want to run and jump. If you’re strictly minimal, the sneakers save you from having to wear a pair of five-finger shoes if those just aren’t your style. The Vivobarefoot Evo III, which comes in light gray and royal blue, is discreet by sneaker standards, which is another plus if the more colorful options just aren’t for you.

Best Running Shoes For Men - Adidas Crazy-Fast Trainer

Adidas Crazy-Fast Trainer, 9.5 oz. ($80)

The Adidas Crazy-Fast Trainer is a wild card. We could have stocked this list with an array of great Brooks and Saucony running shoe models. The Adidas Crazy-Fast Trainer makes the cut because it offers a convincing departure from the Adidas “Crazy” basketball line. The detour was almost a bit too much for one reviewer, Running Shoes Guru. “This concerned me at first, as I prefer my running shoes not to be linked with alternative activities; running shoes should be specific to the sport, and my hesitation was that this model might be some form of advanced cross-trainer,” the guru writes. Those doubts however, were squashed when these men’s running shoes were put into action, as the guru reports, “with a highly responsive underfoot ride.”Better yet, the advertised online price is as sweet as it gets. Adidas touts high-tech features, including the “sprintframe” structure, which”provides stability and speed through geometrical research to create a lightweight and supportive running chassis.” The sneakers feel so light that you may get the sensation you are just wearing socks. Choose between black-and-gold, molten lava, and other styles that scream flair.

Think these are the best running shoes for men on the market today? Let us know if you have other suggestions in the comments below or @DegreeMen. If you’re looking for more stellar footwear to help you DO:MORE, check out the 5 best basketball shoes for performance.

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