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We’ve shown you a lot of different smartphone camera lens attachments here on Adrenalist, but none of them had the pedigree of the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder.

Lomo is known by photographers and filmographers the world over for its uniquely designed, highly recognizable image capture devices. One of Lomo’s products is the LomoKino 35mm hand-cranked film camera, great for imbuing your motion pictures with a real vintage quality.

Those who have the camera but would prefer not to cart around film can instead opt for a LomoKino Smart Phone Holder, which allows your chosen smartphone’s built-in camera and storage space to be used instead. The cradle snaps directly onto your LomoKino camera.

You can get it all by itself for $25 or get it in a bundle with the LomoKino for a total cost of $111.45.

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