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GoPro HD Hero2 Goes Where You Go



There are two different kinds of photographers in the world: those who record the goings-on around them and those who record they goings-on that they create for themselves. GoPro caters to the latter group with its line of rugged, mountable cameras. The company’s latest is the HD Hero2, which hits stores this week. It can capture HD video at resolutions as high as 1080p and 120 frames per second. It can also double as an 11 megapixel still camera, capping up to 10 photos per second. It’s got a wide angle lens too, allowing for a maximum 170-degree field of view. GoPro has three different $300 bundles, each one built for a different capture environment: the basic Outdoor edition is joined by the much more specific Motorsports and Surf editions, all of them packed with the necessary straps and mounts that you’ll need to put the HD Hero2 through its paces.

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