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Low-Tech, But Highly Necessary



In our increasingly high-tech world, sometimes it’s extremely gratifying to come across a well-conceived gadget that is anything but.

You can bring any number of gadgets and gizmos along on your next camping trip, but when it comes to ferrying water from the nearby creek to your campsite, there’s not a rechargeable device or USB plug-in on the planet that’s going to help you. Really, you just need a bucket.

They’re bulky things though, and a pain to pack alongside any number of other supplies that you’ll be hiking into the wilderness with. That’s why you’ve got to love these Pack-Away Buckets from WackyPracticals, collapsible containers capable of holding slightly less than two gallons of liquid.

In their flattened state these buckets are no more than two inches thick, allowing for easy pack storage.

You can get one for £19.95, or around $30, from the WP website. They’re currently not in stock, but should be available again in mid-February.

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