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Holiday cooking keeps even the best of us chained to the kitchen for days at a time, preparing delicious meals and treats for family and friends. The bulk of that cooking is done in the oven or on a range, but microwaves still have their place in the amateur chef’s kitchen.

Microwave drawers are a relatively new development in home cookery, and they’re pretty much what they sound like. Instead of opening a microwave door and pulling your food out, you slide open a drawer and lift it up. Not only is it more convenient, these ovens are also typically larger than your average microwave.

Dacor’s Discovery comes in 24-inch and 30-inch sizes, a 950 watt oven with an auto-opening/closing drawer and a lock for keeping children at bay. You won’t be cooking your turkey in here, but you can use the Micro Warm setting to keep it toasty!

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