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Kitchen To-Go



Coleman’s Outdoor Portable Oven/Stove looks like it belongs in your kitchen.

Check it out. It’s a toaster oven, right? Sure, there’s a hibachi-looking grill on top of it too.

Ignoring that though, you’re basically looking at a kitchen appliance. The difference is that THIS kitchen appliance is built for outdoor use, with a propane tank hookup on its backside. The oven portion is large enough to bake a 12-inch pizza.

The Portable Oven/Stove uses a 1-lb. propane cylinder, but it can  be adapted to use a larger 20-lb. one. You’ll probably want to stick with the smaller option for camping trips though, since the appliance itself weighs in at around 40 pounds. The Portable Oven/Stove also features a pair of 5,300-BTU burners and a matchless igniter to get them started.  And the package includes carry handles and a storage bag.

Get one for yourself for $249.99.

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