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Cooking over an open campfire is easily one of the more appealing aspects of going on a camping trip. It’s like magic, really. Food just becomes more delicious when it’s been cooked in flames emerging from a fire pit that you built with your own two hands.

The common problem, however, is access. There are only so many foods you can plunge a stick into and dangle over the open flame. Building a spit is one option, but why do that when you can just spend some money on a more elegant solution? Enter the SlatGrill, an aluminum-and-stainless steel construct that is quick to assemble once you’ve got a roaring fire to use it with.

A series of built-in notches let you re-arrange the included slats at varying widths, allowing you to properly balance a variety of cookable items and containers without any fear of spillage.

Its compact size and portability make the SlatGrill a great $110 campfire cooking option.

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