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Stop Drinking And Start Inhaling Your Caffeine



We are a nation of caffeine addicts. That’s a hard fact to dispute. Whether your fix comes from coffee or tea or soda or chocolate or straight-up pills, you’re probably filling yourself with wake-up sauce at least once or twice a week, if not per day.

The AeroShot Pure Energy inhaler is designed to skip the middleman and connect addicts directly with their drug of choice. Don’t get turned off at the idea of putting something that looks an awful lot like a shotgun shell in your mouth. All you’ll get is a blast of caffeine, 100mg worth, the rough equivalent of a full cup of coffee. You’re actually inhaling a powder that’s a mixture of caffeine and vitamin B (which means it’s probably good for you too!).

You can buy one direct from the Breathable Foods website, at a cost of $2.99 per AeroShot.

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